Congress President Rahul Gandhi's Scathing Attack on Modi Govt

What a week it has been! It was a week where a united Opposition sent shivers down the spine of the BJP. It was a week when the misdeeds of the Modi Government were laid out bare in front of the people of the country. But most importantly, this week will be remembered as one where Congress President Rahul Gandhi educated PM Modi on what it means to be a Hindustani. 
In his speech during the no-confidence motion brought against the Modi Government, Congress President Rahul Gandhi stole the show and won millions of hearts around the country. In a scathing attack on the Modi Government, the Congress President addressed a gamut of issues including the rise of mob violence and lynchings around the country, lack of women’s safety, the failure of PM Modi to address the concerns of farmers, and the unprecedented rise of corruption under the BJP. Right from social issues to the economy - the Congress President exposed every failure of the Modi government and spoke on behalf of a billion Indians. 

But it wasn’t just about what he said - a big reason that this speech won hearts is because of how he said it. Attacking the BJP’s ideology of hatred, the Congress President stressed on the importance of love and tolerance. He spoke about how he will respond to the BJP’s politics of hate and animosity with love. And as a testament to this ideology of love, he stunned the nation when he walked over and hugged the Prime Minister in the Parliament.
The Congress President’s speech not only exposed the government but even forced them to act - within 24 hours of Mr. Gandhi’s address- by scrapping GST on essential goods including sanitary napkins. 
This speech was a lesson in love and the ideals that built our country. On Friday, Prime Minister Modi and the BJP understood what the Congress means. And when the Congress President spoke, the entire nation listened and agreed. On Friday, we were ALL Congressmen and Congresswomen. 

The Prime Minister’s response to the Congress President’s speech was, predictably, lackluster and devoid of substance. Despite Mr. Gandhi challenging the PM to speak up about the increasing violence against women, minorities, and Dalits around the nation, Mr. Modi was quiet. Neither did he speak a word about the massive corruption and bank loot that has happened under his government. However, it’s understandable - silence is often the easiest refuge for the guilty. 

Congress President raised another issue that has been extremely important for the Congress party - the Women’s Reservation Bill. Stressing on the importance of ensuring equal representation for women in our temples of democracy, the Congress President wrote to PM Modi and challenged him to walk the talk and ensure the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill. He also offered the unequivocal support of the Congress party in passing this legislation. The ball, now, lies entirely and squarely in the BJP’s court. Given their history of misogyny which derives from their ideological mentor - the RSS - it remains to be seen whether the BJP will actually have a change of heart and support this crucial piece of legislation.  

Yet another shocking conspiracy by the dirty tricks department of the BJP was laid bare last week. Christian Michel, an accused in the Agusta Westland case, was arrested in Dubai last week. A statement by his advocate admitted that Christian Michel was being forced by the Modi Government to sign a false statement against the Congress in return for being let off as an accused in the case. This was a damning evidence of a conspiracy hatched under the supervision of the Prime Minister to defame and malign the Opposition. It showed the nation how PM Modi and his government will go to any extent to deceive the nation and hatch conspiracies against respected Opposition leaders. It also showed the nation how desperate PM Modi and his party have become in order to cling on to power and how afraid they are of their prospects in the General Elections next year. 

Last week also saw the lies of Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman being unravelled yet again. First of all, it is puzzling to see how Nirmala Sitharaman is more enthusiastic to be a spokesperson of the BJP than she is about her job as the Defense Minister. Regardless, in her speech, she attacked and blamed the Congress Party yet again for the failure of law and order under her own party’s government. Close on the heels of her press conference, Swami Agnivesh was brutally attacked and assaulted by a mob of BJP members. This was followed by yet another lynching of an innocent man in Alwar, Rajasthan. It is rather reprehensible that the Defense Minister would choose to play petty politics over attacks against innocents around the country rather than accept her party’s failure and take corrective measures to restore law and order. 
Lastly, the Modi Government shamed our nation on an international platform yet again. Union Minister Jayant Sinha’s act of garlanding and felicitating those accused of mob lynching had attracted condemnation from several quarters. Congress President Rahul Gandhi had urged PM Modi to take action (and even mentioned this again during his speech in the Lok Sabha). While PM Modi is still quiet as always, the New York Times has written a scathing article which talks about how the ideology of hate has permeated the BJP with Union Minister Jayant Sinha being a classic example of this. 


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CP Rahul Gandhi Presided His First Congress Working Committee Meet


The last week marked a significant milestone in the congress party's run-up to the 2019 General Election campaign as Congress President Rahul Gandhi Presided over his first Extended Congress Working Committee.

Right from the Independence struggle , the CWC has always been a unit that sought to give a voice to every citizen of the country. Congress Working Committee in the past have been instrumental in making decisions that helped steer our young democracy in the direction of ideas of tolerance, respect, and secularism that form the foundation of India.

With the new Congress Working Committee, Mr Gandhi has struck a wonderful balance between senior leaders and young voices of India. The new CWC is a refection of Congress President Rahul Gandhi's vision for India and it consist of individuals who represent the massive diversity of our country. The CWC's delibrations and actions led our country to achieve Independence from colonial rule. In these difficult times, the new CWC will, yet again, rise up to the occasion and restore the ideals of our Constitution by leading the Congress Party to victory next year.

In one of the major new breaks of the week, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's lies in the Parliament stood exposed as the Congress party mounted a fresh attack on the Narendra Modi goverment over the Rafael Deal (more like, Rafael Scam). This Scam has looted the indian taxpayer of Rs 1,30,000 crore and the Prime Minister still refuses to come clean.

Shockingly, the Defence Minister's statement massively contradict the ones issued by her own goverment. Despite being questioned on the Rafael Deal in Parliament by Congress President Rahul Gandhi, neither the defense minister nor PM Modi have given a satisfactory explanation for why the deal was inflated and then taken away from a PSU like HAL ( Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd) and given awayy to a private corporate friend of the Prime Minister.

Several questions about this deal remain unanswered and the Modi government lies stand exposed in front of the nation.
The Rafael Deal pertains to the defense of our country, and the fact that PM Modi would care more about his friends than about national security merely goes on to show where the priorities and loyalties of the BJP lie.

The Modi government's incompetence in stemming the rise of black money was also exposed by the Congress party last week in a press conference. New data shows that the mojority of money flowing into the country after 2014 is from tax haven countries. With a new scam breaking out every week, it is no surprise then that the Modi govenment has failed to deliver on its promise of curbing black money. In fact, as we have seen over the past 4 years, the Modi government has actively aided and abetted all those who have stolen money from India and fled off to foreign lands without any consequences.

Speaking of looting, last week also saw a devolopment in the case of PM Modi's "Mehul Bhai" who fled the country after engaging in the nation's biggest bank loot. While Nirav "Chota" Modi remains far away from the hands of law, it turns out that PM Modi's "Mehul Bhai" has acquired the passport of Antigua and Barbuda. The fact that he was able to do this despite being an accused in India's largest bank loot raises serious question about the commitment of PM Modi's government in bringing him to justice.

It can be safely assumed that a bank looter cannot secure the passport of a new country without friends in high places. While we understand that he might be "Mehul Bhai" to our PM Modi, the job of the government is to bring criminals to justice regardless of who they are and who they might be close to. It is time for the nation to remind our PM about his Rajdharma yet again. While we are sure that he will continue to remain mum over this, we can sitll reassure ourselves by remembering thi: Bas Ek Aur Saal.

We are all aware of the growing menace of online bullying and trolling ever since PM Modi came to power. On social media platforms , anyone that disagrees with or criticism PM Modi is routinely subjected to a volley of abuses and trolling. Women on social media have also been subjected to profanity and rape threats. Sadly, a vast mojority of these bullies and trolls are also followed by the PM himself. Amidst such an environment, it is important for us to understand how bullying works and to equip ourselves with the necesary tools to fight this online menace.

Last week, the congress party conducted an anti-bully workshop which saw personalities from all walks of life address young Indians about how to deal with government sponsored trolls. Organised in association with Rajiv Gandhi institute for Contemporary Studies, this workshop raised some important issues about contemporary online discourse in India, the Modi government's support and sponsorship of online bullies, and also about means and ways to combat these trolls.

And this closes my roundup of the week gone by,I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and encourage you to keep fighting the good fight but with a lot of love and tolerance.